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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friday and Saturday and we're open and we're doing it up RED

I love the Fall Season.  Fall colors are vibrant, warming and a celebration of Summer's end.  Join us at Paddywac's this weekend, and yes, we do have more than just Red!  We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

A Red pair - a pot and a Market Bag  - make a design statement.

Very Red Hat - quite adorable, and warm.

Red Pillows - we have a pair.

Really, of course a red ladder.  It could use a few embellishments.

Vintage pitcher and glasses.

Beaded Green lampshade on this black lamp!

A corner of the "Tin" room.  Lots to look at here.

We have a very nice assortment of pillows.

Black bookshelf - just came in.

Bye for now!  See you this Weekend.

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