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Monday, April 29, 2013

Under Construction - We're Working on our Paint Studio

Under Construction again.  We doing more wall removal and creating our own Paddywac's Paint Studio.  We took down a wall to open up an area for Chalk Paint classes.  We will be expanding our class offering in the near future and will soon have a great spot just for classes.  We are so excited.  It's amazing how a wall can make so much difference.  We now have natural light coming into the back area.  We hope you come and take a look this weekend.  We're still working on it but it's really starting to take shape.

 Before, looking into the office - note the windows!  
 Ceiling is quite cool.

 It was an office/storage room.  Everything had to be moved and reorganized.
 Inside the room looking out.

 Corner wall that came down.

 We kept most of the mess to a minimum - but we had to do a little work on the sidewalk.  


 There goes part of the wall.

Opened up a perfect little corner spot for storage.
So far this is the after.  Like a said, we have some work yet to do, but it was too late for more pictures.  Sunday night at 7:15 - time to go home. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Enchanted April - Part Two

We're getting ready for Enchanted April - Part 2.  Thursday and Friday, April 26 & 27.  

The weather today doesn't seem very "Enchanting" but rumor has it this weekend is going to be fantastic!  Let's take a peak at a few items that have come in.

 Adorable small Stenciled Table.

 French Inspired Artisian side table - One of Two  

 Great detail on this side table with Pearl Plaster finish.

 Can you say "I'm the perfect table for any room"?

 One of two beautiful and unique side tables.
 A classic!
 Gorgeous curio - perfect size.
 We have fabulous accessories!

We home to see you soon!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Enchanted April Market

We must admit that updating the blog of late has been missed on the priority list.  So many things to get done.  We just spent a week in New Orleans attending the Annual Stockists Convention.  As most of you know, last December we were thrilled and honored to become the third Annie Sloan Stockist in Minnesota carrying Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT decorative paint.  It has been a fantastic addition to Paddywac's and we're hoping to expand the product offering with additional items.  But for now, let's celebrate April's Market. 

Enchanted:  Charmed - Enthralled - Captivated - Delighted- to charm, delight, or captivate

We know you will be enchanted with all the fabulous treasures you'll find at Paddywac's.  We have tons of new furniture, gifts, wall decor and more just waiting for you.  
This month's featured Chalk Paint color is Arles.  We've already received tons of positive feedback on the gorgeous pieces with this lovely color.  You will want to come early as we're sure these beautiful pieces will not last long.  And once they're gone - they're gone.  

 Adorable side cabinet.

 This Curio is the perfect size and absolutely Charming!

 Pair of side tables and a sofa table - all in various shades of Arles!

 Drop Front desk in Old Violet Chalk Paint

Adorable Dresser 

 Perfect little dresser.

 Fabulous dresser/sideboard!
  The detail on this buffet is spectacular!

  Great Mirror

  Vintage Dresser - perfect color.

Think Spring with this table, it has leaves and 4 chairs.

Very Chic table, comes with leaves and 6 chairs.

Great bench covered in Vintage linen.

We hope to see you soon.