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Monday, April 29, 2013

Under Construction - We're Working on our Paint Studio

Under Construction again.  We doing more wall removal and creating our own Paddywac's Paint Studio.  We took down a wall to open up an area for Chalk Paint classes.  We will be expanding our class offering in the near future and will soon have a great spot just for classes.  We are so excited.  It's amazing how a wall can make so much difference.  We now have natural light coming into the back area.  We hope you come and take a look this weekend.  We're still working on it but it's really starting to take shape.

 Before, looking into the office - note the windows!  
 Ceiling is quite cool.

 It was an office/storage room.  Everything had to be moved and reorganized.
 Inside the room looking out.

 Corner wall that came down.

 We kept most of the mess to a minimum - but we had to do a little work on the sidewalk.  


 There goes part of the wall.

Opened up a perfect little corner spot for storage.
So far this is the after.  Like a said, we have some work yet to do, but it was too late for more pictures.  Sunday night at 7:15 - time to go home. 

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